TikTok crosses 2 billion downloads

As people around the world have become limited to the comfort of their homes, Tiktok’s popularity has skyrocketed. The short-video sharing application has crossed 2 billion downloads on the Google Play Store and The App Store. The Play Store contributed 75.5% (1.5 billion) of the total downloads, while the App Store recorded 24.5% (495.2 million) […]

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Telegram to Get Secure Group Video Calling Feature

Telegram recently announced that it has crossed 400 million monthly users globally. It gave a glimpse of upcoming features including a new “Secure Group Video Calling” in its community post. The press release suggests that the company plans to launch a Secure Group video call feature soon. Its arch rivals WhatsApp and Google Duo have […]

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WhatsApp audio and video calls will soon have up to 8 participants

WhatsApp rumors were true, Facebook is actually raising the maximum limit of people allowed to participate in a group audio or video call on WhatsApp. The current limit is 4, but it will double to 8 for “soon” everyone, the company revealed today. The new functionality has already been seen in beta versions of the […]

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Google Classroom

Coronavirus helped Google Classroom exceed 50 million downloads

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, most schools and universities around the world have had to close. Institutions have turned to services such as Zoom and Google Classroom, which have skyrocketed to be the most popular on the Play Store. Google’s service has become so well known that it has passed 50 million downloads. Data from […]

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Google Duo

Google Duo increases group calling limit to 12 members

Google Duo: To prevents the current coronavirus epidemic, we all have to stay home and avoid visiting friends and family. Sadly, it is not necessary to keep contact with loved ones, but video calling services like Google Duo help reduce this problem. The system had a limit of eight participants so far but it has […]

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World Health Organization

World Health Organization launch COVID-19 tips app for Android, iOS

As we face this time of crisis, one of the most important things we can do – to wash our hands and maintain social distance on one side – is to confront misinformation with the truth. To that end, the World Health Organization is preparing to launch an official Android, iOS and web app for […]

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