Coronavirus Pandemic: China is ready to help India


Coronavirus: The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that both countries are facing public health and the challenges facing the population, which is why China can prove valuable in controlling the spread of coronaviruses.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on March 19 said they can share the experience they have gathered on stopping an epidemic, to help India contain the spread of new coronavirus. Beijing said it could help the center with the diagnosis and control of COVID-19 in India.

While they say “admire and appreciates” the support from India in their fight against the Coronavirus, the Chinese ministry assured New Delhi that they could guarantee the “health and safety” of Indians.

Beijing turned on the day China reported zero cases of domestic broadcasts for the first time since the outbreak. Beijing has emphasized how changes have made this positive result possible.

The country’s foreign ministry reported, “China is ready to share its experience about virus prevention, control, diagnosis and treatment with the Indian side and will provide further support and assistance within its capacity.”

He said both nations faced similar challenges for public health and population, which is why China’s inputs could prove valuable to India in their fight against coronaviruses.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Embassy in India is already in touch with Indian health authorities to keep them updated with information about the progress of the epidemic that China is controlling.

In the statement, China’s Foreign Ministry also thanked the Indian government for providing medical supplies to China. Notably, late last month, the Indian Air Force had carried 15 tonnes of medical supplies provided by the Centre to China. It contained necessities such as gloves, masks, and emergency medical equipment.

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