Boris Johnson

Docs prepared to announce my death: Boris Johnson


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed that doctors at a hospital in London where he admitted after contracting Covid-19 had arranged to announce his death. Johnson, 55, was taken to St. Thomas Hospital on April 5, when his condition worsened days after testing positive for coronavirus. He emerged on April 12, after spending a few days in intensive care.

Recalling his near-death experience in an interview with The Sun published on Sunday, an emotional Johnson said he administered “liters and liters” of oxygen, but ICU monitors were showing very little progress, Forcing doctors to plan to announce his death.

“It was a difficult old moment, I did not deny it. He had a strategy to deal with the Stalin type of scenario. I was not in particularly great shape and I knew the place had contingency plans. The doctors had all kinds of arrangements to do if something went wrong.

“It was hard to believe that within a few days, my health had deteriorated to such an extent … The bad moment came when it was 50-50 whether they would put a tube under my windpipe. When it got a bit … then they started thinking about how to present it.

The report said the UK PM’s voice faltered and eyes reddened during the interview in Downing Street. “I’ve broken my nose, I’ve broken my finger, I’ve broken my wrist, I’ve broken my rib. I’ve broken just about everything. I’ve broken all sorts of things. But I’ve never had anything as serious as this,” he said. “The indicators kept going in the wrong direction and I thought, ‘There’s no medicine for this thing and there’s no cure’. That was the stage when I was thinking, ‘How am I going to get out of this?’

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