PureEV collaborates with CSIR-CESRI with plans to indigenously develop lithium-ion batteries cells for electric vehicles


PureEV, the upcoming 2 Wheeler EV giant in India is working with CSIR-CECRI to indigenously manufacture lithium-ion battery cells for electric vehicles in the country. Presently dependent on China, the company imports lithium ion cells for assembling battery backs used in the electric 2 wheelers.

Pure EV has signed an agreement with CSIR-CECRI to ensure the suitability of the developed LIB (lithium ion battery technology) for critical performance under standard operating procedure (SoP) conditions, including battery pack manufacturing, LIB cell verification, and specifics.

Lithium batteries are presently the most reliable and commercially viable option for electric vehicles around the world. But they are mainly imported from China to assemble the final battery packs required for electric vehicles.

To address this market monopoly, CSIR has launched a project entitled “CSIR Innovation Center for Next Generation Energy Storage Solutions (ICeNGESS)” with the aim of producing 100 MW of LIB.

Pure EV is one of the top picks for this mission in the electric vehicle industry of startup PuRE energy, engaged in the design and development of advanced LIB manufacturing with a focus on battery thermal management systems.

Talking about this mission, V.K. Saraswat, a member of the Government of India’s NITI Aayog, stated that achieving independence in lithium battery manufacturing and developing core competencies are important for the emergence of electric vehicles as India’s primary means of transportation.

As a base, prominent institutions involved in cell manufacturing will carry out accelerated tests to further improve the technology, he added.

Saraswat emphasized the impact of this collaboration between Pure and CSIR-CECRI saying that this collaboration between Pure EV and CECRI is essential for their large-scale commercialization, including battery heat management systems (BTMS) and safety.  

Rohit Vadera, CEO of PureEV, said that this collaboration with CSIR-CECRI to produce lithium batteries with unique cells for high-speed EVs is a matter of PureEV’s pride for the long-term interests of the country.

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