Kawasaki Syndrome: New Virus from Coronavirus?

Kawasaki Syndrome: In the past few weeks, doctors around the world have seen an uptake in children suffering from Kawasaki disease, a rare childhood disease that causes inflammation of blood vessels. So far, the number of cases has been small, but this is related to the fact that many children hospitalized for the disease have […]

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Covid-19 might never have a vaccine just like HIV, dengue: Health Experts

A report states that leading health experts have warned that scientists may not be able to develop a vaccine against coronavirus disease (Covid-19), saying that it has already occurred in cases of HIV and dengue is. More than 100 vaccines are currently under pre-clinical trials and a couple of them have entered the human testing […]

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COVID-19 cases increase to 16,705 in Belarus

Belarus on Sunday recorded 877 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, taking the total to 16,705. The Ministry of Health said that 3,196 patients have been recovered, while 99 patients of chronic diseases have died from the epidemic. As of Sunday, more than 204,000 trials of coronavirus infection have been conducted nationwide. Confirmed cases constitute 8.1 […]

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Sunlight, heat, and humidity decreases coronavirus: US official

The coronavirus is more rapidly vulnerable when exposed to sunlight, heat, and humidity, a US official said in a possible indication Thursday that the epidemic may be less contagious in the summer months. U.S. government researchers have determined that the virus survives best indoors and in dry conditions, and loses potency when temperatures and humidity […]

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Prince Charles

Prince Charles recovers from coronavirus

Prince Charles is out of self-isolation and in good health after testing positive for coronavirus. The 71-year-old, who falls into the at-risk group due to his age, had mild symptoms when he was diagnosed with Kovid-19 last week. On Wednesday, March 25, it was revealed that the heir-to-the-throne had captured the coronavirus. His spokesman said […]

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